Hunk-O-Mania Male Strip Club in Chicago IL

224 West Ontario Street - Chicago, IL 60654

- Shows every Friday & Saturday, Showtime: 8:00PM to 10:00PM
- Stay and Dance your Night Away After the Show for Free (21 to enter)
- Bachelorette & B'day Girls are Free with a minimum purchase of 5 paid tickets. Limited to 1 per group.
- Limited Seating - Buy your tickets before we sell out!
- Can't make the Show? Get a "Rent-a-Hunk" to go.

Must be 18 or over to enter New York, Atlantic City, Tampa, Atlanta, Orlando and Houston shows, 21 and over to enter Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Honolulu, London, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Las Vegas and Boston shows. Proper ID required.

Hey Ladies! It's your turn to party!

Hunkomania - America's hottest male strippers live on stage performing in Chicago every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night! This Male Revue in Chicago is the ultimate girls night out experience with the hottest male strippers Chicago has to offer!

Having just performed to sell out crowds across America and the world the Hunkomania male revue is back with brand new routines, amazing new costumes and all new male exotic dancers to show local ladies a fantastic night out in Chicago every week!

The audience will enjoy a spectacular range of male entertainment during the approximately 2-hour male strip show, Jam-packed with sensational bodies, dancing, acrobatics, comedy and even a little romance to spice things up, Hunkomania male strip clubs have something to tantalize every age group! No matter your age, get the girls together for the ultimate Girls Night Out! This male strip club is perfect for bachelorettes in Chicago or any girls night out celebration!

If you're looking for an unforgettable ladies' night out in Chicago, the Hunkomania is the ultimate choice. Discover why this revue is a must-attend event for an unforgettable night out in Chicago.

Unparalleled Sensuality: Experience a tantalizing display of male sensuality with our ensemble of impeccably chiseled and attractive performers. Get mesmerized by their striking physiques and flawless dance moves.

Variety of Performances: Enjoy a diverse cast of performers, each bringing their unique style and charm to the stage. From seductive solo acts to thrilling group performances, our revue caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring every audience member is captivated.

Professional Choreography: Witness expertly choreographed dance routines that create a visually stunning spectacle, enhancing the overall entertainment value and making it a night to remember.

Interactive Audience Participation: Unlike traditional performances, our revue encourages audience participation, allowing selected individuals to join the electrifying experience on stage and create unforgettable memories.

High Energy and Excitement: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of pure excitement with pulsating music, electrifying dance routines, and the performers' magnetic charisma. Let loose, dance, and revel in the energetic ambiance that fills the venue.

Non-stop Entertainment: Prepare for a non-stop entertainment extravaganza. Our Chicago male revue seamlessly transitions from one captivating act to another, keeping you engaged and enthralled from start to finish. Say goodbye to dull moments and embrace an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Don't miss out on the Hunkomania Revue in Chicago, the ultimate ladies' night out. With captivating sensuality, high-energy performances, and an empowering atmosphere, this revue guarantees an unforgettable experience. Join us for a night of electrifying entertainment and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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